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Tree Surgery in Oxford

S.L. Forestry and Tree Care provides a complete service range as the leading independent choice for tree surgery in Oxford and all surrounding local areas. We utilise thirty-five years of extensive trade experience to bring our customers an affordable, reliable service unrivalled throughout the local Oxfordshire area. Our ethical approach to tree surgery and woodland management sees our company recycling removed waste and reintroducing it to Oxford’s retail sector as biomass fuels.

Dangerous Trees in Oxford

We specialise in the type of work that many other companies refuse to quote for so if you have any specialist requirements, S.L. Forestry and Tree Care is the team to trust. We are happy to work on dangerous trees anywhere in the Oxford area including those in narrow or hard-to-reach areas. Our experts never refuse a challenge and if we are working on grounds where dangerous trees pose a threat to public safety, we use sectional dismantling techniques to safely remove weakened or damaged branches limb-by-limb, from top-to-bottom.

Tree Harvesting in Oxford

S.L. Forestry and Tree Care provides full and partial tree harvesting in Oxford as part of our extensive forestry and woodland management services. Ideal for controlling both natural and artificial regeneration, our tree harvesting services also take local wildlife and habitat in the Oxford area into consideration. We are a conscientious business and we take our environmental obligations seriously. If required we can take animal mitigation and relocation in to account by clearing woodland in progressive stages, thus minimising fatalities and injuries to native species.

Because of our ethical stance on arboriculture and tree care services, we have hardwood logs for sale for clients in the Oxford area that are derived from our woodland management work. Our barn-stored seasoned logs are available in 8-inch or 12-inch cuts and we deliver them throughout Oxford in conveniently sized bags for simple movement and storage. Once delivered, our hardwood logs can be kept for two years.

For woodland management, tree care and the removal of dangerous trees in Oxford, call us today on (01865) 376669 or (07836) 784701.